This is my review for the ASUS Eee pad transformer tf101, which I think should have been named the ASUS RUBBISH pad instead. Over the years it has continually malfunctioned in the sense that when turned on, it would periodically enter into an infinite startup screen loop, denying me access to it.

This problem could only be rectified by factory resetting the pad, deleting EVERYTHING inside of it. This happened not once, not twice, not thrice but a GRAND TOTAL of 7 TIMES!!! However, I am not an unreasonable man and so, I decided that if I backed up all my data onto a USB device, it would be alright. Then, Polaris, the equivalent of Microsoft Office for the Asus pads, started to malfunction as well.

Polaris was crucial to my work and thus I was extremely annoyed to find that several pictures could not be pasted into a single document without all turning into the same image. Pictures of all my friends soon became pages upon pages of a single image. Also, after typing more than a few paragraphs of words in a Polaris document, they would all magically disappear, which meant I had to re-type alot of things, wasting alot of time. My complaint however, is not against Polaris but ASUS.

I do not visit *** or other questionable types of websites and several diagnostic tests run by various anti-malware applications have revealed that my Eee pad is supposedly virus free. Perhaps they made a mistake in that they failed to identify the Eee pad as a giant virus, slowly destroying my life? Anyway, sarcasms aside, I decided that the people at Asus are only human and that since most of my troubles were caused by Polaris, I could let the matter lie. However, my Eee pad has further malfunctioned in that it's copy-paste function doesn't work anymore.

Many internet articles with crucial information vital to my studies can no longer be copied and stored. Neither cut nor paste works at all. Soon, I began to think, how is it that for a pad free from virus, both it's word processing and browser applications DO NOT WORK? Well, there was only one simple conclusion.

ASUS makes rubbish! Does that seem a bit too harsh? WELL I'D SAY IT ISN'T HARSH ENOUGH! My good friend who bought an Asus Zenphone 6 has also suffered from an infinite startup loop problem with his device, only he has had to reset his not 7 but probably more than 17 times!

I did it for him of course. By then I had had to reset my Eee Pad so many times I had already become an expert. I suppose I do have Asus to thank for two things. First, I learnt alot about tablet hardware since the nearest Asus repair store (I couldn't care less what it's actually called) is many, many MILES away from me.

The very first time I had to reset my Asus, an Asus staff member showed me how to do it. His lesson has served me very well since as I have stated many times over, both in this complaint and to about everybody I know, Asus makes rubbish which constantly malfunctions! Anyway, the second thing is that ONE SHOULD NEVER BUY ANYTHING from Asus unless it's a garbage can (I think they're quite good at making rubbish) This is a truly valuable lesson. Take it from me, person who's reading this, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM ASUS!

By now you'll be asking yourselves (I'M TALKING TO YOU, ASUS CORPORATE MANAGERS) why am I complaining about an Asus product when this site is for lodging complaints against Asus customer service.

WELL I AM COMPLAINING ABOUT ASUS STAFF AND CUSTOMER SERVICE! Why do you all make such rubbish pads that I constantly need them to be serviced for repairs? Are you so greedy that you must program some malevolent script in my device to somehow ruin it periodically (Therefore nessecitating a visit to your repair store, giving you all yet more money to feed your GREEDY corporate guts!) I am extremely dissatisfied with Asus, so much so that I can say with a complete 100 or even 110% confidence, that I AM NEVER BUYING ANYTHING from Asus ever again. I would have liked to write much more but as it is written above "Please avoid using profainity" I feel I must end my complaint here.

Any further and I WILL MOST CERTAINLY BREACH YOUR RULES SO MUCH SO THAT ONE BILLION SAILORS WOULD BURN RED! To all and everybody wanting to buy an Asus product. DO. NOT.


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