I bought my Asus on 12/12/2012 on the 29/12/2012 i noticed a small mark on the screen bezel i went to wipe it off as i did so the screen cracked. I do have other tablets a HTC plus a IPAD PLUS A XOOM all my tablets all get screen proctectors plus leather case plus a padded carry bag.

I got in touch with Asus they sent a carrier to collecet it on the 2nd January today i had a response, Asus want 169 Euros to fix it. Would have taken back to store but they had closed down.

Or want 70 Euros to return it unfixed.

As like other comment i have not misused in any way this came from normal use i think it must have had a flaw not sure.

Asus customer care is rubbish they just keep refering you on to Asus site. So far i emailed 4 times yet so far no reply.

They also insist i pay in Euros rather than sterling despite it was bought in UK so to go ahead as i can only pay with a bank transfer this will also cost me bank charges and also currency change rates which again will push cost even higher.

As i bought in Uk cant see or even understand why i need to pay for repair in Euros

I swear i will never buy another Asus as thier whole thing at customer service is a joke. Over my many years i have had dealings with many companies this i am afraid to say is the worse company ever i have had to deal with.

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