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Bought a TF600T Asus Tablet PC in Sep 2013 - within months had issues of keyboard not being recognized alternating with screen not working; non responsive keys; screen freezing; finally died completely a year after purchase. Called the 1300 support number, was told the mother board probably need replacing and to take it back to place of purchase.

Place of purchase told me I'd better off arranging pick up as it could take 6 weeks through them. Called the 1300 number again, after a 15 minute call involving giving my postcode multiple times I was given the phone number for a service place in Qld - I'm in NSW. Called them anyway, they don't repair this model any more. (That's telling!

) Have realized I've bought a very expensive door stop, all it's useful for.

I'll try the repair centre in Silverwater but I'm not hopeful. Never, never, ever, buy Asus.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asus Tablet.

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