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Update by user Jul 09, 2012

Wow. Just noticed all of the other complaints about this company & their computers.

I also had my laptop screen just break for no reason & just got that fixed for $230. I see that this is a common issue from the other posts.

Original review posted by user Jul 09, 2012

Do not buy a ASUS computer. For some reason ASUS feel the need to auto update all of the time.

No warning & always during work time, your computer will auto update and then auto turn itself off. Hope you were not working on anything important because there is no time to save anything, it just turns off. Even when you hit the cancel/no button. Then after you get it restarted there is always a glitch.

I have spent well over $1000 on fixing their updates & getting my computer to work again after them. Today is no exception. Just happened again. I get black boxes on the screen with code, and off it goes again.

Now everything is 500% larger on the screen...great off to the computer store again?? Maybe an update not during work time?? Hope about an update that works??

ASUS i would NEVER buy from you again. I dont have any of these issues on my home, Dell, computer.

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