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I bought an ASUS computer monitor recently, only to find that it shuts down every time you begin to read something on the screen. How could this be? Any monitor I owned in the past keeps working until YOU CHOOSE to turn it off. I perfected the resolution settings, chose Windows settings that cause the monitor "NEVER" to shut off, but it continued to shut OFF whenever I started reading. Since no monitor I had ever owned did this, my solution was to return it to the store for a refund. After receiving the refund I started looking for another monitor to buy. I told the salesperson what had happened and he said that it is normal for that model of monitor to shut off IF YOU ARE NOT MOVING; that it has a motion detector. WHAAAAAAAAT????? Was he kidding? I asked him if he meant that it would shut down if the mouse was not moving. He said no, it shuts off if YOUR BODY is not moving. For a moment I thought he was kidding, or that I was in the Twilight Zone. He explained that you can change the setting so it doesn't shut off if you are not moving. Why would anyone design a monitor that defaults to shutdown if the person sitting in the chair in front of it is not moving? I couldn't believe what I was hearing. When I sit down to the computer I AM READING. Who flails their arms around, etc., while reading? Not me. So I decided that I would never buy a product from ASUS again if they think it is normal design to have such a wacky, insane feature for their product. I have never heard of such lunacy. Someone at ASUS said, "This is a go." Unbelievable!

Furthermore, the LED logo on the carton is more prominent than the LCD in the model number. It should be illegal to have LED on a carton that does not contain and LED monitor.

Well I vote with my feet and ASUS will never get my business again!

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asus uses cheap parts


assus products have taken a big nose dive in the quality department for some time.

i also have had this problem with a monitor but was lucky it showed up right away and the store exchaged it.

product wise i one of thier top of the line $500.00 msrp gaming mother boards drops voltage to the main 6 on board u.s.b ports, 2 are for the mouse and key board it has gone though 4 rma's,time one they exchanged a 3 week old one for a rebuilt, the next 3 they sent it back NO PROBLEM FOUND,

this was in a custom i built for a customer.replaced it with a intel branded gaming mother board no more problems. i'm out the cost of a high end mother board.

i no longer use any of thier products in any build.

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