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I purchased an Asus laptop 7 months ago. It stop charging and went dead when the battery drained. I called Asus and the customer service informed me that it is a three day turn around once they receive the computer. I then packaged and returned by FedEx. Asus received the computer over two weeks ago and still no response. I called them and they said they would email the tech support facility and escalate the repair. They promised they would call... Read more

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Cell broken under warranty. They wait for broken phone to come in, 3 months, then send you broken phone. Horrible policies for customer service. Read more

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All I will advise is that persons should be very wary about purchasing an Asus laptop. Unfortunately for me, I purchased an Asus Zenbook in January 2016 and, after only three months, I began to hear a creaking sound whenever I opened the laptop. This laptop has a 1year international warranty, 2-way free standard shipping and also has a one year accidental damage protection for spills, surges, fire and drops. Although I have exercised extreme... Read more

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From my experience with them. Their customer service is a nightmare. They made me send my eebook (a e402MA if curious) for repair 3 times (due to hardware being defective) and when I asked for a replacement because the product was clearly not going to be fixed, they started stalling, saying they will replace it ONLY with a recertified not a new (even tho the warranty clearly says that they have to replace with a certified OR new) after 3 months+... Read more

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I've never dealt with a company as bad as ASUS ever!!! NO support, selling dead devices. They claim to repair time after time but nothing touched, nothing worked. Teen daughter out $450 for Transformer tablet she could never use, wouldn't power up or charge and wouldn't find the internet, 7 repairs later and didn't do anything...into the garbage as wasn't repairable. Customer service had generic greeting each time in person. Only phone number... Read more

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I bought an asus laptop brand new i have only had it 3 years the ram memory had to be replaced now it is something else

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I bought a brand new gl502vy which came factory sealed and packed along with a gaming mouse, headset and backpack.After a week into using the computer, I had to bring it to work and I realised that my laptop could not fit comfortably/effortlessly into the backpack. I had to literally squeeze and risk scratching the laptop to try and get the zips to make it past the top edges of the laptop.The fit is so tight and ridiculous that there isn't... Read more

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I am not a game person so that is no excuse. I constantly have to be close all apps and I even factory reset yet to no avail. I am dissapointed indeed. When charging the phone it gets hot. Even with a portable charger it gets hot. After downloading several cleaner and battery coolers I am begging to think that I made a mistake. Customer service is unable to provide any useful help or advice . Honestly I am dissppointed. I love the brand so much... Read more

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I think the the biggest problem is the tech and customer service and lack of just that. Every time I had contact with them i felt like i was being put off in hopes I give up and go away. Then the questions I would be asked was just silly and it would be like that every time. First the handheld overclocking unit never worked from the first time i plunged it in and when I make contact about that i got run around so mush I gave up on it. Then... Read more

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I have had the phone like 1 year and most most of time time it has been at repair centers, first because the phone straight up died after a software update, then I dropped the phone once after and stopped reading any SIMs. I expect to drop phone my Galaxy S4 has fallen downstairs and still works, but the last one was that I charged it and it would turn off. Zenfones have a lot of power but a poor infrastructure that cant handle it. If you live... Read more

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